Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Challenge completed!

Well, give or take a couple of days when I ended up blogging early next morning, I have completed my march blogging challenge - hooray!
Don't think I'll be keeping it up every day in April, but definitely a better average than the once a month I was on before....

What news? I've been earning more dollars babysitting this evening. So bathtime, milk and bed. I am very lucky in that I babysit for the best behaved baby in the world. Even though he took around two hours to get to sleep he spent that time staring at his toy aquarium in bed and talking to the fish. Not one bout of crying all evening - hooray.

The wine and fondue were very fine last night. As I said, there were 7 reds to taste, each numbered. By number three I couldn't really remember what number 1 tasted like, and numbers 6 and 7 were definitely a blur - I was only having 1/4 glasses! I plumped for number 4 overall I think, which was the second cheapest - an Australian. Paul chose the Canadian wine which great as we've only been buying Canadians since we got here - keeping those food miles in check. Frankly my best pick of the evenings offerings were the home-made truffles, maybe we'll do a chocolate tasting next time.

And so to bed. Paul is out saying adieu to a colleague so will be stumbling in later - that makes three sociable nights on the trot for him, very uncharacteristic. I am a little worried that he'll have run out all his conversation before we go away for the weekend....or maybe this is a blessing in disguise!

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