Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sparrow, Sunset, Sweater

This morning a sparrow was waiting for me to put out the sunflower seeds for breakfast. It was -1 outside, there was frost on the ground and the raccoon had been in the bin again because one of our neighbours still cannot master the childproof lock (I can now manage this and have moved in the advanced class, trying to open paracetamol bottles without assistance. Next week gherkin jars). The raccoon does not care for grapefruit.

I spent the day knitting, but took a break to see the sunset over the river. It got up to 15 degrees today. Paul's colleagues are apparently wearing shorts to work so it is only a matter of time before the Hockett legs resurface too.

Before those lovely limbs are revealed, I am happy to say that today I finished Paul's jumper. This is the first adult sized garment I have finished (except sleeveless cardigans), and was made not because of the deep love I have for Paul, but because since arriving in Canada the man has launched a nagging campaign and he wore me down. In the face of this onslaught I had only a few options:

1) Ignore him - not easy. He had begun telling all our friends repeatedly that even after our many years together I had never knitted him a jumper. I think he's been taking lessons in puppy dog eyes from Jasper.

2) Knit him a truly embarrassing garment, maybe in pink, maybe with little bunnies on it. Sadly knowing Paul as I do, I realised he would wear such a jumper, and hold my hand whilst wearing it. This plan would backfire quickly.

3) Knit him a jumper, and make it one he likes so he can wear it frequently and I can go back to making fish hats and cuddly toys. This evening I completed my task and the man is happy. Job Done:

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