Thursday, 11 March 2010


My beloved other half who also occasionally blogs here (very occasionally) is a scientist. He has repeatedly explained what he does to me, usually drawing diagrams on the back of a napkin to help me understand. I have tried to repeat these explanations to friends and family when asked, only to see him looking at me quizzically like I have invented a whole new scientific field.

I am an educated woman. I don't have Science A-levels, but I do have a degree in Maths and feel I should be able to at least follow the gist of what he does.

In recent months he informs me he has been working on a Coincidence Machine, and this week he has finished the drawings of the Baffle Array.

I am beginning to feel that I may have had the wool pulled over my eyes, and he is not a scientist at all. In which case what does he do all day? Who is paying his wages? What does NRC actually stands for?

Norman's Radio Company?
Narrowboat Restoration Club?
Naughty Recording Complex?

Any ideas?

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