Friday, 12 March 2010

friday feeling....

Today I finished the fish hat. Sadly, as it is part of a swap I can't post pictures as it is supposed to be a surprise for the recipient. But I love it, and I did send piccies to friends and family of me being eaten by the fish hat which prompted the following responses:

"You are a geek."

"Ha Ha Ha."

"I want one."

"You'd be surprised by how many times I have been attacked by a knitted fish."

Interesting cross-section of responses.

Back to the wildlife garden today, putting soil in pots ready for the seeds to be planted in preparation for the plant sale in June. Apparently I am very efficient at putting soil in pots, which I will add to my list of skills.

I leave you with todays video, of a scrawny Downy Woodpecker on the feeder at FWG. Much like me he was very focussed on his lunch and not fussed by distractions.

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