Monday, 1 March 2010

merry march....

a challenge set to myself to blog every day in march - a simple target you may think, but this depends very much whether I decide just to ramble away inanely, or whether I decide to try and do something worth blogging about each day! time will tell....

Today I returned to the dentist of doom, and it wasn't quite so bad. More advice on how to turn my grotty Austin Powers English teeth into sparkling North American pearly whites, but less humiliation so a small success.

Sandwiching either side of my dentist trip was a double helping of DIY and organisation - at a friends apartment. Why I feel motivated to put together flat packed furniture in other people's homes I have no idea, but todays big achievement was single-handedly putting together an IKEA wardrobe - hooray!

Back home to get Paul's dinner on the table (Amy's special fusion cookery - tomato and feta soup followed by fake-beef, aubergine and pepper spring rolls) and greet him with a milkshake. Job done. x

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