Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Picnics are fast becoming my favourite thing, and todays was particularly fabulous. I made vegetenarian toad in the hole, with mushrooms for me and veggie sausages for Paul. The batter had rosemary and horse-radish sauce mixed in, delicious. Topped off with boozy onion gravy and a flask of coffee - the perfect way to get yourself well and truly cosy-of-belly and ready for a nap. Of course this is not the ideal state to send Paul back to work in, but works fine for me!

On the waddle home, we spotted this beautiful birdie, a Cooper's Hawk (well I've decided its a Cooper's, after much debate on the bird forums). Another to add to the wildlife list, along with the skunk that raided the raccoons leftovers last night.

An evening of spinning yarn and a surprisingly relaxing pint in the pub finished of a lovely day - the last few days of my twenties are proving to be very enjoyable.

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