Wednesday, 3 March 2010

day three

Has spring arrived? I think its safe to say that it probably hasn't, but things have brightened and although its still -2ish first thing in the morning, we're hitting the heights of +4 or more by lunchtime. This new found warmth has led to a big rise in the wildlife spotting, although as things have been very sparse recently a big rise isn't all that dramatic.

I do now have regular bird visitors on the back porch, albeit cock-e-ney sparrows just like the ones back home. They've been joined by a dark-eyed junco today, and I also spotted male northern cardinals singing seductive tunes to their prospective lady friends. Apparently car-alarm impressions are very attractive in the world of bright red birdies.

Last night saw the second visit to our compost from Mr.Raccon, who seems very adept at toppling the wheelie bin over before climbing inside to forrage for tasty treats. Worryingly I sometimes struggle to open the child-proof fastenings to deposit our peelings and this opposable-thumbless creature seems to manage with very little bother. Based on the detritus left around the bin this morning it is safe to report that this furry friend is not a fan of cauliflower.

And as for us, the warmth has put a spring in our step, and we enjoyed homemade soup and a sandwich by the river at lunchtime. Best to make the most of the blue skies before the snow returns....

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