Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A few things I have learnt so far this week....

Numero Uno - Sometimes being polite isn't the best option.
At the blues gig on Friday I turned the flash off on my camera as it was a small venue and I felt it was rude to flash at the band (oo-er). This meant that to get any shots worth looking at I had to hold my little camera very steady, which led the guitarist to think i was videoing the gig and tell me off - oops!
It got even weirder when a couple of tracks later, she beckoned me to the stage, and (whilst still playing her three-necked guitar) told me I could take one more shot.....very very odd.
Next time, either no photos will be taken, or I'll just have to keep the flash on and snap quickly.....here are the blurry piccies I did manage.

Number Two - a good muffin is never wasted
I am not the best housewife in the world (this is not something I've learnt his week, its been apparent for quite some time). This is usually apparent from the dust bunnies and dirty windows, however yesterday it reached a new low. Whilst tidying I found one of my home-made muffins in a paper bag, forgotten and stale. A truly sad moment.
Thankfully Bertie the red squirrel made short work of the muffin and seemed particularly fond of the choc-chips.

Number C - How to crochet.
Introducing Mr. Melancholy Heffalump.

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