Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunday baking....

I've got into the habit of baking on Sundays, which is not to say that I don't dabble during the week too. I made muffins on Friday to take to the Wildlife Garden as fuel for out plant potting. They went down very well - so much so that there were none left for me - thankfully I slyly left some at home.

Today is the first soggy day in a long while, which together with a big trip to the supermarket this morning meant I was in a lazy lazy mood by baking time. I flicked through the old faithful bero book and settled on sponge drops as an easy option. Sadly I underestimated the spread of the mixture while baking and ended up with a trayful of sponge rather than circular sections - never fear, head for the cookie cutters......moments later the mixture transformed from this:

to these:

spongedrop-farmyard-cakes. Yummy!

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