Saturday, 6 March 2010

6th March and the second picnic of the week

It is still winter, the temperature was -6 when we headed out with Jasper this morning. But by midday it was +8 with beautiful blue skies, and the people of Ottawa returned to the streets. There was a clown on the bus (well he had a clowns nose anyway); juggling on street corners; bustling in the market place - and five friends sharing a delicious picnic in the park.

We bought lunch at Whalesbone,sampling their sock-eye burgers, smoked salmon sandwiches and delicious chowder. Washed down with cream soda - smiles all round.

Picnics at this time of the year may not involve sunbathing and lazy games of Frisbee. All the better - the temperature today was perfect, there were no bugs and there is something fabulous about watching the steam rise from your hot fish chowder whilst sat in a park of melting snow. Bliss.

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