Saturday, 30 July 2011

210/365 Trollhunter

Off again on the bikes, this time to the cinema for a troll film - and what a corker. Part Blair Witch, part Where the Wild Things Are, mostly just itself - Troll Hunter was definitely a hit with us. Even accounting for my attack of motion sickness part way through due to the wobbly camera work. A good year for films this year, particularly films at The Mayfair.

(Oh, and Karen - our friend went to see Rubber for the second time last week!)

209/365 Have bike will travel

This summer has been beautiful (ignoring the 41 degree day that is!). Slightly on the humid side for my liking on occasion, but now that I have accepted that its cooler to be out cycling than to lie on the sofa, things have improved dramatically....

...tonight our jaunt was back to the Sandy Hill Bar for a relaxing evening with friends before everyone jets off in different directions for summer adventures. Looking forward to adding to my burgeoning wall of postcards (hint hint) and also to enjoying some trips myself. Not so many postcard buying options in the middle of lakes however, maybe I'll make my own....hmmm....there's an idea. Changes of clothes may be optional on the camping-packing list, but Crayons and felt-tips are essential don't you think?!

208/365 An encounter with a Kraken

Work was fine, no dangerous encounters on the way home (kept my eyes peeled for hipsters, all safe. No zombie joggers out in the heat either).

Then - disaster! The Kraken hit, and hit hard (*):

It appears that if you mix up two usually well-behaved ladies with a day of hot weather and a bottle of rum, there is an inherent risk that you will end up with two very giggly ladies with numb knees (well mine were numb anyway!). I think this may have been what concerned P most about me having so much free time - a decent into afternoon drinking.

For now the Kraken has been hidden in the cupboard, and my partner in crime has jetted off to tour P may be safe at least until she returns....I'm sensible enough to realise that venturing into Kraken infested waters alone is not safe for anyone.

(*) 'Hitting hard' actually consisted of two much diluted cocktails, I am as ever a cheap cheap date.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

207/365 Danger everywhere

A girl needs to be on her toes at all times....

206/365 Daytripping

Today I went on a day trip.
To a tip.
Well technically it is a composting and landfill facility, but that doesn't rhyme.

Learnt many an interesting fact, most of which I have since filed away in a safe place in my brain, so you will have to make do with those I remember:

* People in Gatineau can be trusted to produce a higher class of compostable waste than those in Toronto who have been allowed to place their organic material in plastic bags because seeking out (compostable) alternatives is far too complicated.

* Some people think that their compost bin is an appropriate place to dispose of engine parts and dead cats. (I am pretty sure these were distinct cases and not the same person, but who knows).

* A local man has been trained in the art of falconry, and will be flying his falcon in the landfill to scare off the gulls. If this is not successful they will grade up to a hawk. The final stage in this environmental arms race is bald eagle - watch out gulls.

* Poison parsnip exists and you should stay away from it.

* School buses are cool. Uncomfortable but very cool.

For info on the facility itself check here. A most informative and enjoyable tour.

205/365 Sundays are for music....

Treble musical brownie points for us today. First stop was Rideau Hall grounds for a free concert as part of Chamberfest. On offer was an hour of beautiful harmonies from the Borealis String Quartet. Perfect accompaniment to our scones and iced coffee.

A quick dog walk and then off to the National Gallery, for a concert by Jesse Stewart, who set up camp in the abstract gallery, using Voice of Fire as his backdrop. If you have never heard a waterphone played (and you probably have, just weren't aware that's what it was), make sure you do. Eerie. Combined with drums, beaters, and a multitude of gizmos that are well beyond my musical knowledge - fantastic. My knees were vibrating. (That's a good thing!). Sadly no photos....

Yes, only the third event of the day is recorded pictorially, and from the picture you would think there were only a handful of people out enjoying the offerings of the Piknic Electronic this week.....

the crowd (~150) were mostly hidden up in the shade, but enjoying the music nonetheless. I admit to being most skeptical about the appeal of this event, but yet again Dr.H proved me wrong. Worth the cycle for the people watching alone, and I actually enjoyed the music much more than expected too. Will definitely venture back again before summer draws to a close.

Oh, and great views of a scaffolding-less parliament on the way home too.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

204/365 Jam-packed Saturday

A day filled with dressing up. Strange animals in the park this morning with a penchant for sugar-snap peas.

Then theatre in the park - much drama over The Fan, with a hodge-podge of period drama, slapstick and a spot of panto mixed in. Very entertaining.

203/365: Back in the swing of things....

The camera is back - hoorah! New lens and a thorough clean. Shame it was such a palaver getting it sorted, but at least I didn't have to buy my third camera in two years (I dropped number 1 in a lake whilst getting out of a canoe, could have happened to anyone).

Anyway, today I got the cooking bug, the house seemed so cool in comparison to Thursday's 41 (with the humidex, think it maxed at about 36 without). Yes, 33 seemed like a very reasonable temperature to be baking in:

Delicious. A Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall recipe - Polenta and Asparagus Tart.

I think Paul is gradually morphing into HF-W. Not a bad thing, and definitely an improvement on Jamie Oliver, who he got compared to when we first arrived in Canada. Must be the dimples.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Hello all,

I'm afraid the lack of camera combined with three days of camping over the weekend have led to a tail off in blogging.....I will be back (try to stifle your moans, you don't have to read it!) but rather than list the photos I wish I'd been able to take, for now I'll just jump in when I've got something to say until I'm back on my photographic feet once again....


Thursday, 7 July 2011

185/365 The rocks are back!

After a sweaty cycle out to Trailhead in search of new hiking boots (hoorah!), we stopped off at Westboro beach for a picnic. Disappointing. Looks like I'm definitely a Mooney's Bay girl, just wasn't impressed by Westboro at all, mainly due to proximity to the road I suppose.

Anyway, we didn't stop long and everything was made up for by the discovery that the rocks sculptures are back at Remic Rapids:

I love this spot and when I passed a couple of weeks back the water was still so high that Mr. Ceprano hadn't got started yet. But he seems to be back with gusto now, and I'll be returning to see the work as he develops it over the summer.

Right, my camera is off in the post for repair this morning (after much wrangling with Panasonic), so no photos for a little while. I'm planning on taking an old film one with me on this weekends camping trip though so pictures will emerge eventually.

184/365 Healthy dinners

Salad season just keeps getting better. For lunch salad leftovers: pants-en-ella (an Italian dish I keep forgetting the name of - basically grilled tomatoes, red peppers, olives and ciabbatta) and a couscousy-kedgeree with boiled eggs and artichoke hearts. For dinner broccoli frittata with heaps of veg and a green salad.....

We eat so healthy and we walk a fair bit. Both of us have commented on feeling healthier and fitter, wonder if its time to take another trip to the nature museum and check out how many turkeys I'm clocking in at now!

Monday, 4 July 2011

183/365 Monday bugs

Another day another bug. This one fascinated me with his shiny bronze shell and tri-horned antennae.

Off for an early picnic this evening, and on our return home we found a young couple having their photo taken in our back-yard. Apparently the spot next to the bins is suitable picturesque for engagement piccies (taken by a professional photographer). Can't see it myself!

182/365 Caterpillars

A gypsy moth caterpillar. One of 30 odd all on one tree on the island. Sadly I don't think many survived the heat today, maybe I should have shared my ice-cream.

181/365 Scissors at the ready (Saturday).

Last shift volunteering at Jazzfest this evening, but before that I got the scissors out and started work on a new top. Pieces are all ready now, but need to get myself some interfacing before I proceed.....are my sewing skills up to it? Time will tell.

Also finished this book, which is a victory in itself as I've had a bit of a readers-block issue of late. As for the book, it was recommended in the Guardian 2010 read-list thingamy, and frankly was a tad disappointing. Some interesting comments on aging and priorities, but in the end a little soap-opera-y. At least it got me reading again though which can only be a good thing.

Jazz shift went very well. I was informed by a member of the public that I am "surprisingly polite and enthusiastic". He wouldn't confirm whether this was surprising as a Brit or as a volunteer. I'll take the compliment though!

Friday, 1 July 2011

180/365 Happy Birthday Canada

Hoorah. Canada is 124 today, and looking really rather good on it from where I spent the day sitting.

I spent the afternoon hanging out in Confederation park with friends and knitting. A couple of good concerts to while away the hours, strawberries to munch on as well as sweet potato fries - oh so lovely.

Particularly enjoyed Ohbijou who lulled me into a trance like state, and Coeur de Pirate who brought so much fun and spark to her performance.

Right, off to wach some fireworks before bed now. Happy Birthday Canada. Sleep tight. x

179/365 Red carpets

On our dog walk in the morning we met two lovely ladies who wanted to know which gate at the GGs they should go through in order to give them the best chance of getting good views of the royal visitors.

It was 7:30am.

The gates didn't open til 1:15pm.


Although geographically speaking I was pretty close to Will and Kate at various points to day, I didn't seem them. Had I not been at work I probably would have headed to their walk around just to view the spectacle. But instead I spent much of my three hour shift trying most unsuccessfully to untangle a ball of yarn.

Here's a red carpet for you though, very nice it was too.

Far more exciting than the royals was an evening in the park, watching an eclectic mix of dance acts. We were guided from one act to the next by a very enthusiastic and oh so slightly batty woman in tutus and a shower cap:

My favourites were the box dance (3 very athletic dancers, manipulating giant wooden boxes to music, think you may have to be there!), and a Native inspired rhythmic dance.