Friday, 1 July 2011

179/365 Red carpets

On our dog walk in the morning we met two lovely ladies who wanted to know which gate at the GGs they should go through in order to give them the best chance of getting good views of the royal visitors.

It was 7:30am.

The gates didn't open til 1:15pm.


Although geographically speaking I was pretty close to Will and Kate at various points to day, I didn't seem them. Had I not been at work I probably would have headed to their walk around just to view the spectacle. But instead I spent much of my three hour shift trying most unsuccessfully to untangle a ball of yarn.

Here's a red carpet for you though, very nice it was too.

Far more exciting than the royals was an evening in the park, watching an eclectic mix of dance acts. We were guided from one act to the next by a very enthusiastic and oh so slightly batty woman in tutus and a shower cap:

My favourites were the box dance (3 very athletic dancers, manipulating giant wooden boxes to music, think you may have to be there!), and a Native inspired rhythmic dance.

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