Saturday, 30 July 2011

208/365 An encounter with a Kraken

Work was fine, no dangerous encounters on the way home (kept my eyes peeled for hipsters, all safe. No zombie joggers out in the heat either).

Then - disaster! The Kraken hit, and hit hard (*):

It appears that if you mix up two usually well-behaved ladies with a day of hot weather and a bottle of rum, there is an inherent risk that you will end up with two very giggly ladies with numb knees (well mine were numb anyway!). I think this may have been what concerned P most about me having so much free time - a decent into afternoon drinking.

For now the Kraken has been hidden in the cupboard, and my partner in crime has jetted off to tour P may be safe at least until she returns....I'm sensible enough to realise that venturing into Kraken infested waters alone is not safe for anyone.

(*) 'Hitting hard' actually consisted of two much diluted cocktails, I am as ever a cheap cheap date.

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  1. Best not to question why your knees were numb though eh.....