Thursday, 7 July 2011

185/365 The rocks are back!

After a sweaty cycle out to Trailhead in search of new hiking boots (hoorah!), we stopped off at Westboro beach for a picnic. Disappointing. Looks like I'm definitely a Mooney's Bay girl, just wasn't impressed by Westboro at all, mainly due to proximity to the road I suppose.

Anyway, we didn't stop long and everything was made up for by the discovery that the rocks sculptures are back at Remic Rapids:

I love this spot and when I passed a couple of weeks back the water was still so high that Mr. Ceprano hadn't got started yet. But he seems to be back with gusto now, and I'll be returning to see the work as he develops it over the summer.

Right, my camera is off in the post for repair this morning (after much wrangling with Panasonic), so no photos for a little while. I'm planning on taking an old film one with me on this weekends camping trip though so pictures will emerge eventually.

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