Sunday, 24 July 2011

203/365: Back in the swing of things....

The camera is back - hoorah! New lens and a thorough clean. Shame it was such a palaver getting it sorted, but at least I didn't have to buy my third camera in two years (I dropped number 1 in a lake whilst getting out of a canoe, could have happened to anyone).

Anyway, today I got the cooking bug, the house seemed so cool in comparison to Thursday's 41 (with the humidex, think it maxed at about 36 without). Yes, 33 seemed like a very reasonable temperature to be baking in:

Delicious. A Hugh Fearnley Wittingstall recipe - Polenta and Asparagus Tart.

I think Paul is gradually morphing into HF-W. Not a bad thing, and definitely an improvement on Jamie Oliver, who he got compared to when we first arrived in Canada. Must be the dimples.

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