Wednesday, 27 July 2011

206/365 Daytripping

Today I went on a day trip.
To a tip.
Well technically it is a composting and landfill facility, but that doesn't rhyme.

Learnt many an interesting fact, most of which I have since filed away in a safe place in my brain, so you will have to make do with those I remember:

* People in Gatineau can be trusted to produce a higher class of compostable waste than those in Toronto who have been allowed to place their organic material in plastic bags because seeking out (compostable) alternatives is far too complicated.

* Some people think that their compost bin is an appropriate place to dispose of engine parts and dead cats. (I am pretty sure these were distinct cases and not the same person, but who knows).

* A local man has been trained in the art of falconry, and will be flying his falcon in the landfill to scare off the gulls. If this is not successful they will grade up to a hawk. The final stage in this environmental arms race is bald eagle - watch out gulls.

* Poison parsnip exists and you should stay away from it.

* School buses are cool. Uncomfortable but very cool.

For info on the facility itself check here. A most informative and enjoyable tour.

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