Monday, 4 July 2011

181/365 Scissors at the ready (Saturday).

Last shift volunteering at Jazzfest this evening, but before that I got the scissors out and started work on a new top. Pieces are all ready now, but need to get myself some interfacing before I proceed.....are my sewing skills up to it? Time will tell.

Also finished this book, which is a victory in itself as I've had a bit of a readers-block issue of late. As for the book, it was recommended in the Guardian 2010 read-list thingamy, and frankly was a tad disappointing. Some interesting comments on aging and priorities, but in the end a little soap-opera-y. At least it got me reading again though which can only be a good thing.

Jazz shift went very well. I was informed by a member of the public that I am "surprisingly polite and enthusiastic". He wouldn't confirm whether this was surprising as a Brit or as a volunteer. I'll take the compliment though!

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