Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tipsy Tuesday

Tuesdays used to be fairly calm, you could rely on a Tuesday evening to be placid. I did an evening class for a while on Tuesday nights but that was about as rock and roll as they got.

This evening we went to a wine tasting/fondue night.
There were 7 wines to taste.
I tried each of them.

This is how I predict I will look/feel in the morning.

That is all. x


  1. oh good! that explains your absence (from where i've checked anyway) from the interwebs today.

    i'm bringing dessert tomorrow unless you have something planned. griddled lemon pound cake, peaches, and vanilla ice cream.

    and bread and cheese.

  2. mmmm.....think i'll rustle up some soup and filo feta parcels and we should be good - yummy. xxx