Saturday, 27 March 2010

Saturday - playing with felt

For my birthday this year, Paul bought me a book I had been fawning over at Beechwood bookshop the previous week. He knows well that not only am I a sucker for all things crafty, but that I also love Japanese styled creatures and awkward sounding translations - this was the perfect book for me. Accompanying the 'how to make a monkey' page the text reads:
"He's a serious monkey.
He's from Japan.
That's why his tail is short.
He's not a chimp.
He's a monkey.
Please craft him seriously." Beautiful.

I have limited stocks of felt, so browsed the book with my restricted colour palette in mind. Having decided on my pattern of choice, I carefully traced and cut out the template pieces required. (As I am now in my thirties I have put away my safety scissors and progressed to sharp crafting scissors - you will be pleased to hear that my fingers survived today's efforts.)
Can you guess what it is yet?

Although I have been knitting with friends regularly of late, this mornings making was definitely a solitary pursuit - poor Jasper is not a fan of playing with felt and retired to the sofa to unceremoniously fart and snore in the background.

Now the book calls for some rudimentary sewing which I'm fine with, but also the use of superglue to stick on the fiddlier parts of the mascot. Sadly I have been banned from using superglue since a freak accident in which I squirted myself in the face and then spent the next hour pulling out eyelashes to enable me to open my eye again - no there are no photos of this event. Sorry.
Anyway, I got around this by sewing the eyes and buttons on too, which although it was a little fiddly wasn't too bad.
And so - the completed mascot, introducing the Frog in a blue dress - Maud.

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