Monday, 15 March 2010

Same Bat time, same Bat channel

Once upon a time Jasper and Amy went for a walk. As usual Amy set out in one direction, he tried to go the other. For a change Amy won, then spotted a very friendly looking spaniel playing fetch on the Maple Island so quickly diverted. At this point Jasper decided he did want to go in that direction after all as there was a dog to play/fight/bark/bite with. Instead they compromised and sat on a bench in the sun watching other dogs have fun, while Jasper quivered with excitement and Amy stroked his head lovingly.

When the coast was clear they headed back over the bridge for home, following a well dressed lady in a suit. Amy noticed she skipped to the left just before the end of the bridge, looked at the floor, turned back to look at her, and scowled. Amy assumed she'd had a near brush with some doggy-doo and was intent on giving evil looks at the nearest pooch owner. (I would like to point out despite my dogs anti-social tendencies, I am a responsible owner and ALWAYS pick up, I have even got quite inventive when I have realised I am bagless, I'll leave those stories to another time).

On reaching the end of the bridge, Amy found much to surprise not a small brown poop but a small brown bat.

Now I realise this will not be a surprise to anyone reading (are you out there?), both due to the title of this post, and that you probably scroll straight to the photos anyway. I however was quite shocked. Jasper wanted to play. Now, despite my dedication to scooping up small brown piles on a daily basis, the fact I had a dog lead in one hand, and also that said dog had to get rabies jab to protect him in this wonderful country, meant I was a little unsure what to do. Boris (the bat) was extremely dopey and trying to hide in the bridge crevices, sadly this meant he was likely to end up either as a dog snack or run over by a cyclist very soon. At this stage another couple arrived, and after we all ooh-ed and ah-ed, praised the RSPCA (he was a fellow Brit) and I grabbed a couple of piccies, he transferred the bat via a stick to a safer, shadier and more secluded spot.

Boris was rescued, Mr.Brit walked away with a very impressed girlfriend, and Jasper and I went home for a turkey shaped sponge cake with a story for today's blog post.

And we all lived happily ever after. x

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