Tuesday, 2 March 2010

the second

A monumental day in my canadian story as today I earnt my first dollars - all 4 of them. I handed in photos to the canteen picturama, they collate 4x6 prints and then sell them at a gallery evening at $2 a pop. We went for sushi then headed to the overcrowded venue, to find I had sold one - and then another to my friend who purchased a prize picture of the taj mahal snow globe I bought back from India for Paul.....who knows maybe I clocked up a few more spondoolies after we headed to the pub.

Also today I added another string to my bow with my first spinning class. I have realised this week just how few of my friends actually know me, as without fail one after the other responded to this news with "spinnings one of the hardest exercise classes you can do you know" or words to that effect - even the knitters! No, I have not been working up a sweat on an exercise bike, but I have attempted spinning roving into yarn under the expert tuition of Caroline at Knit-knackers. She was very (very) patient, and I managed not to swear out loud when my thread snapped for the umpteenth time - success all round!

A hunky-dory day indeed.

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