Tuesday, 23 March 2010

monday oops

...oops! Playing computer games and eating posh peaches and cream last night - completely forgot to blog! We were very productive though (Karen - spoiler alert!)...

We escaped from the doctor's chair with cunning used of foot pedals and electrocuting monkeys. Then managed to blow up the glass unicorns with the ships cannon, so that we could use the unbreakable-glass-breaker and retrieve the treasure map, which we used along with the wind vane and manatee's eye to find the entrance to a secret cavern. Went to bed after we got stuck trying to steal the doctor's magic staff.....

Ah, Monkey Island, how we adore thee.

Too make posh peaches and cream...
* Quarter a peach per person and lay skin down in a shallow baking dish.
* Stir a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice and the same amount of icing sugar into some double cream. Pour over the peaches.
* Sprinkle over with flaked almonds and brown sugar.
* Grill till the sugar is bubbling and golden.


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