Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday wednesday

Another late night, with the sci-fi double bill at the cinema this evening - little worried about my dreams tonight...

Overheard a conversation on the bus on the way home, the man next to me seemed to be trying to tempt the lady sat behind him home to taste his amazing coffee flavoured burgers. Apparently its a recipe handed down the generations in his family - that his mum found on the internet.....rub coffee, brown sugar and vinegar into the burger and cook as usual. Not sure it'll work with veggie burgers in the same way.

Whilst knitting at the cinema this evening I dropped my ball of wool during both films. The first time it rolled three rows forward, I retrieved it during the interval. The second it went a little further but this time I managed to knit to the end of the ball so rescued the situation. Paul finds it very funny when my wool rolls down the aisle of a bus or under the seats in the cinema. Little things please little minds.

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