Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ground hog day.

Oh so much to say....fetch yourself a cuppa....and a biscuit....


Back to the Mayfair theatre last night for a night of zombie-tastic entertainment. They had on The Night of the Living Dead, a 1968 black and white classic, directed by George Romero. Now, I would have been tempted to go just to see it on the big screen (for those of you not aware I have a guilty zombie film habit, and spent one rainy half term chain-watching Romero films whilst knitting cuddly santas). However, being the Mayfair there was a twist.
Replacing the standard sound-track were a variety of musicians playing a score composed for the evening (double bass; viola; violin; cello; flute; bass clarinet; electric guitar and organ), sound effect creators (foley artists apparently) and five actors voicing the dialogue.
Pair this off with a lively audience supping Beaus and you have a recipe for a most entertaining evening.
The music was great, as it has been at all of the 'silent' movies we've seen at the Mayfair. Extra special for me as my future husband was playing bass clarinet - the hugely attractive - sorry I mean talented - Linsey Wellman, who we first saw at the Folk Festival last summer.
The actors pulled off just the right level of dramatic hammyness, particularly the lady voicing all the female roles. This is a film of swooning and dithering muppets, not strong confident women.


Sunday treat today, our first visit (of many) to the Murray Street Restaurant. Good food, good company - surprisingly good prices.

Every time we go for brunch I seem to discover a new favourite venue - I'm a fickle girl. This place serves a selection of cake to the table to tide you over til your meal arrives, my fickle days may be cured!

Wildlife spotting

The bird spotting has really taken off (ho ho) in the last week or so, with the trees out front teeming with grackles and red winged blackbirds fighting over the feeders. Today's news is mammal focused however - our first groundhog of the season. We noticed a suspicious burrow earlier in the week, but today spotted a very ginger looking hog sat beside it. No photos as yet, but I do have a little video of another furry critter to share.

During this evenings dusk dog walk by the river we spotted a dark shape on the opposite bank. Our previous claims of 'beaver' have been met with some suspicion by locals as they are not known primarily as river dwellers. We got brilliant views tonight though, and also enjoyed listening to him chomping on sticks for quite a while - Jasper was fixated.

A fabulous weekend indeed. Although I did manage to snap my favourite yellow crochet hook - can't win them all.

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