Monday, 8 March 2010

Dentist, bread rolls and knitting

Another day, another few inches closer to finishing Paul's jumper. Completed the body today and cast on sleeve numero uno. As he continues to suffer from his man flu (which is actually quite a bad cold, but sympathy is not a common emotion when ill in our household!), I insist on getting him to contort himself into awkward positions so he can try on the garment without getting impaled by a knitting needle. (If I'm honest, my prime motivation is to make sure I don't drop any stitches, rather than to keep him safe from injury!).

On the way home from the dentist today, I was stopped by a slightly madcap lady whist crossing the road. She took hold of my arm and earnestly reported: "Two ducks, on the river, go and look". As the amateur ornithologist that I am, I heeded her advice, wondering what rare treat I would be able to add to my list. I found 7 mallards feasting on breadcrumbs under the bridge. It seems the lack of birds to spot in Ottawa throughout the winter months has sent some wildlife watchers over the edge... although I can hardly talk as I admit that I squealed like a small over-excitable child when I saw my first chipmunk of the year this afternoon.

I regularly forget that the bakeries in the area are closed on Mondays. As a result I dabbled with making my own burger baps this afternoon.
Mental note: Plan weekly menu so that I don't serve burgers on Mondays. At least til I've improved my bread-making skills somewhat.


  1. I am informed that soon there will be mergansers on Dows Lake. They stop on their migratory route. Those are worth going to look for.

    And a sure sign of spring is the return of red winged blackbirds.

  2. Hello there!
    Yes, I'm fond of mergansers, we had a fair few on the river near here last year. Only ever saw one or two of the blackbirds though - they're beautiful!
    Nice to know someone is reading my ramblings!