Thursday, 1 April 2010

April fool...

Another fish completed some point I will learn that posting piccies of my projects leads to more requests from friends and family, but as the fish are fun and quick I don't mind....whether I'll feel the same when I finish the fifth one I have no idea!

A lovely day, much cookery this morning....It was Thursday lunch day today, and my contributions were:
homemade hummus, patatas bravas complete with spicy sauce, the obligatory cheese scones (half with chopped olives mixed in), and feta filo parcels (half with tomato, half with honey).....added to the mix were a selection of Indian treats from Chris (very yummy), and bread, cheese and pudding from Betsy (doubly yummy). A fine meal indeed.

We have the car, we have the food, we've packed our bags and we're off on our holiday in the morning. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, back next week. xxx

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