Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Someone obviously heard me bemoaning the lack of mammal spotting on our Easter break as today I got a hat-trick.

Firstly - if you happen to be accompanying me as leave my home at anytime in the future, please be sure to remind me to pick up my camera as we leave. After blogging the holiday pics last nigh I put the camera safely in my coat pocket for the morning, not realising that of course now its 14+ degrees I won't be wearing my lovely warm snuggly winter coat anymore unless I fancy a portable sauna experience. This meant that I donned my lighter fleece this morning and therefore only had the shockingly useless camera on my phone when we spotted a beaver doing laps of the river. AGH!!!! He climbed up on the bank showing off his rudder, he swam along beside Jasper and I for a good five minutes and even graced us by diving under slapping his tail on the water. He was beautiful and I am a muppet.

This was a lesson learnt.

At least until this afternoon when I walked Paul back to work and then had to run back for the camera when we spotted the local groundhog and a yellow bellied sapsucker within 30 seconds of leaving home. Of course the bird had flown by the time I returned, but strangely my elephant like grace and heavy breathing did not scare off Mr.Woodchuck who posed for this shot before he decided Jasper was getting too close for comfort and dived down his hole:

Another beaver spot as we neared the river but too far away for photography. On return home though I noticed the neighbourhood raccoon settling down for an afternoon nap in next doors garden. Snug as a furry thing in a tree can be.

So, a mammal-tastic day indeed. And more fun to come, this time of a fishy nature as I head off to the pub to host the great Ottawa knit-night fish hat swap 2010. My blue number is off to a new home and we will see what scaly treat I return with. Photos I am sure tomorrow. x

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