Monday, 5 April 2010

Holiday round up

Well, lets compare the holiday experience to the ten predictions I made last week:


A particularly fine wander around the White Fish Reservoir - or more to the point in it. The water level was dramatically low, so we walked on sandbanks, wearing shorts - spotting patches of ice in what water there was - a real mix of the seasons.

Wildlife Watching
Not many mammals spotted, something ran past me in the dark while I was attempting to photograph stars last night, probably a raccoon. Plenty of birdies though, including several red-breasted nuthatches and a new one to me - a purple finch, which is red - go figure!


A fabulous game of Plus/Minus this morning with crisps, guacamole, apple pie and ice-cream - fabulous.

Fires (of the controlled and cosy variety)

Two evenings by the fire, supping whisky cocktails or hot chocolate and munching on smores...mmmmm......

What else would you expect me to do on holiday?! And thankfully my companions felt the same. Several good books read, mainly sat overlooking the lake while various pairs took to the water.


A fair few photos taken, see flickr

Last night was so clear, it was actually harder than usual to spot the constellations as there were so many 'extra' stars in the sky!

So, all targets me, and also lots of fabulous food eaten, and conversations had. The first of many fab holidays to come I hope. x

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