Tuesday, 13 April 2010

wildlife wonderings....

Last night as we walked Jasper we spotted our friendly beaver again, swimming backwards and forward along the same stretch of the river. At one point he swam up to a pair of mallards and seemed to herd them out of the way.

As I write and stare out of the lounge window I can see two vultures soaring in the blue sky. (Ok, as I write they've soared out of sight, but they were there a minute ago!).

We found a young man passed out in the street yesterday evening, well in the NRC car park but people were having to drive round him. I checked on him, he didn't seem to know his name but knew he wanted to get a 95 bus. I offered to help him up, at least so he could sit on the grass rather than in the road, he was worried I might hurt myself trying to help him (very considerate considering how plastered he was). Turns out someone had already called an ambulance. As the flashing lights arrived (in the end the paramedics turned up, a fire engine crew drove passed to check all was ok, and two police cars pulled up too), he told me I sounded very British and that he had cousins in Britain. He probably can't remember any of this this morning.

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