Sunday, 1 May 2011

118/365 Busy busy!

There is no way that I would have posted a photo of us eating chips in B&Q carpark when we lived in England. But poutine in Canadian Tyre parking lot? Classy!

Spent the morning buying P a new bike, hoorah! He cycled around the store, tried on every helmet to find the perfect fit (despite the fact that post haircut they'll all be too big!), and rung every bell until he had the perfect 'ping'. (It's like shopping with a small child who sets off all the animated toys in toys'r'us!). But the trip was successful, and we treated ourselves to a Canadian delicacy before heading home.

The evening was double-booked, with yet another cultural outing and a party to fit in. Despite this clash of schedules (for people with such little social lives I have no idea how we end up in this mess!) it was a great evening.

First to the NAC for a screening of Guy Maddin's Tales from the Gimli Hospital. The screening was organised as part of the prairie scene festival, and featured live music (12 beautiful Icelandic ladies with various string instruments); a three strong sound effects team and the fabulously creepy and expressive Udo Kier narrating. Any evening involving the slapping of plastic fish together and the curing of ailments by rubbing dead seagulls on your chest is an evening to remember!
Post-viewing Mr. Maddin himself answered questions from the audience, he is funny, charming, self-deprecating and fairly batty. I think I'm in love (again!).

Then off to a leaving party for C and S, who are off to the big smoke of Toronto. Science talk had been banned for the evening, and it is amazing the other forms of geekery that surface when this occurs - we covered chess; trees; birds (guess who?) and car parts.....and despite all this it was indeed a very enjoyable evening. We rolled (or cycled) home for 1:45 am - yes A.M.!!!!! I couldn't handle nights out that late at 18, let alone 31. Disgraceful behaviour.

But fun once in a while.

And it meant that I could 'pinch punch' the family first for a change - win win!

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