Thursday, 19 May 2011

137/365 Dedication

A return to the tulip festival this afternoon, and in the International Tent it was India day. Here we encountered this man, who is a professional embroiderer.

He embroiders on Pashminas, you know the fancy pants silky neckscarf doobreys for sale everywhere nowadays.

Now I have dabbled with embroidery before. I stitched on some napkins as Christmas presents for two sets of friends last year. It took hours!

Yesterday I bemoaned the fact that I didn't manage to finish my latest sweater in time to wear it to work today. Thus far this sweater has taken me about a fortnight, working on it intermittently with other projects.

What's my point?

Well, this man works on the same project for THREE YEARS!

Check out the intricacy of his current piece:

The photo doesn't do it justice believe me, it was beautiful. Here's one of his previous ones, again excuse the photography, the richness of the colours was so striking in reality.

Dedication indeed. I do love an unexpected crafting encounter, especially one so inspirational.

To finish the day an impromptu picnic with M and N, and hammock time - hoorah! The sun finally peeked out this afternoon, and I am looking forward to many more afternoons in parks and evenings on the porch. x

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