Friday, 6 May 2011

124/365 Mistaken Identities

This morning I spotted an American Marten, small brown, running around like a mad thing. I managed to get a couple of blurry shots:

This one isn't particularly clear but the water looks so beautiful that this is the one I'm sharing.

Turns out its not a marten, that was wishful thinking. Yes it is a mink, which I'm sure you all spotted. Still a new spot for me though even if
I didn't know what he was.

Thankfully this is the only mistaken identity of the day, and I successfully collected the right red head at the train station this afternoon. To be fair, I would have taken home anyone dopey enough not to run away from my double-arm-waving/stood-on-one-leg/looking-like-a-tit effort to get his attention, and he copied it - winner!

Off canoeing and camp-firing for the weekend. Back soon. x

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