Friday, 27 May 2011

145/365 Finished!

Its only taken me since last November. Ok so I took quite a while off when I couldn't face another granny square, and another break when I ran out of black yarn....but its done!

And the bloody dog has already claimed it!

Apologies to knitting/crocheting buddies who will have seen me celebrating the completing of this project everywhere....but for those of you not bored yet, there are 335 squares. Yes 335. And I actually made more than that as apparently I can't count green squares accurately.
It measures about 3 1/3 feet across, and just under 6 feet tall.

And it is the last Mario project I will be making for a wee while.

But I love it. And hopefully P will too (he'd better do, its big enough to roll up a body in if not!).

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