Sunday, 8 May 2011

125/365 Porcupines ahoy!

What an animal-y week we've had. Finally a porcupine spot today - yes a live one!

Struck me as very sloth-like, just with needles, lots of them. Apparently (according to the much-loved mammal book) they have ~ 30,000 of them. There is your mammal fact of the day.

Off to the cottage for a weekend of manly pursuits (for the boys) and hammocking for me. Fabulous indeed.

I'm far too sleepy to write properly at present, and have a glass of whisky to sup and good company to enjoy. But I think this piccie sums up what I love about this place and why we keep going back. More tomorrow. x


  1. Hey hey, can you take us to this place? I would like to take a picture and maybe get it printed. If we cant go there I will use yours :)

  2. I can add it to the list! Depends muchly on the bug situation, they were rampant this weekend.....the last weekend you're here is currently free though so its a definite possibility.....less than three weeks to go - woop woop!