Tuesday, 3 May 2011

121/365 Beaver!

Hello, my name is Derek the beaver, and I live down the road, in the river (no surprises there!).

I like wood.

Oh, and swimming.

But mostly I like wood.

And I can be relied upon to pose for photos at the least convenient times, specifically when you actually have to get home for an appointment.

But I am fairly cute in a soggy, hairy, toothy kind of way.

Did I mention I like wood?


  1. What an adorable feller. Ours don't pose for pics. They only let you photograph their castle. *pouts*

    (just found your blog - feel free to feel stalked *eg*)

  2. :) This one is on the rideau river, a minutes walk from Sussex Drive (busy busy), he must just tune out the noise......stalk away!