Wednesday, 25 May 2011

142/365 Jasper's personal trainer.

(Oops...a post for Tuesday, late yet again!)

So, Jasper is apparently now on a stricter diet, with smaller portions of his food and less tidbits too.

I say 'apparently' because P and I are pretty rubbish at human diets, let alone doggy ones. He doesn't beg, he rarely whines for food, but he is just too cute to leave treatless.

Thank heavens then for his new personal dietitian and trainer, Greedy McBeaky.

As summer has finally arrived (well, at least a dry Spring anyhow), Jasper prefers to eat his meals al fresco. His grub is served on the back porch where he can watch squirrels whilst he eats. Lovely.

But if he doesn't eat fast enough, or leaves any in his bowl - Mr. McBeaky swoops in and gobbles down the rest, therefore limiting his portions.

Not content with his dietitian role, he has also taken to hanging out on the porch so that Jasper races out there to chase him away - helping those calories burn off too.

I'm expecting him to turn up with exercise equipment in the next week, maybe get Jasper lifting weights or on the treadmill. I'll keep you posted.

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