Thursday, 19 May 2011

136/365 Wednesday is for....

....erm, more cake?

So little to report, oh deary me. Here is the cake baked this afternoon and eaten with friends. On the top are a wonky haunted house and a turkey. I have no idea why, they were the first two non-christmassy cutters out of the cupboard, and the cake was in dire need of icing sugar to cover up for its slightly over-baked-ness.

In other news, I spent 15 minutes pushing N on the swing this morning, which he adored and giggled throughout. He then spent zero minutes pushing me on the swing. Zero! Yes, I realise he is only 2. But this is far too reminiscent of childhood arguments over the sharing of the swing in the back garden as children. I'm taking a stopwatch next time and keeping note - when he's big enough I'm claiming my time back, with interest!

Ho hum. Maybe thursday will be cakeless and interesting, only time will tell!

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