Friday, 13 May 2011

131/365 A tentative yarn-bombing

Don't know what yarnbombing is? Check out the wiki page here, or have a look at some fab images here.

My first effort was as part of Winterlude in 2010, where our knitted pieces were sewn onto trees as cosies:
Urban Cozies at Parc Jacques-Cartier

After keeping my knitted wares to myself for the last year, this week a crocheted piece ventured forth. For the last couple of days we've been watching the progress of a miniature fort, built of twigs, that has appeared by a stretch of the Rideau River we pass every morning.

Feeling that no fort is complete without a knight to guard it, this morning Sir Corkival Knight took up this valiant task:

I was hoping that on my next pass there may have been more additions to the scene, maybe a roof to the structure, or a flag flying. But by 2pm this afternoon Sir Corky had gone a wandering. I like to think he met his true love and they floated off down the river together to live happily ever after.

He was probably kidnapped by an evil squirrel.

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