Monday, 9 May 2011

126/365 Sunday is a day for activity

- In my defence I wrote this on Monday night and the internet went doolally, so I was only a day behind, honest! -

.....still catching up for the weekend, and this should really be a long long post with details of the activities from Sunday. However it is now Monday evening and I risk falling behind if I don't catch up, and have to weigh this against the fact our guest is still here and probably doesn't want to spend his last evening in Ottawa watching me type....

So here is a shot of the men with the ATV.

A few pointers on this photo:
30 seconds later the ATV broke down and refused to move. The men spent the afternoon tinkering (even reverting to using the Manual, this was a serious matter).

The men have also just requested that I photoshop some logs onto the back of the trailer to make it look like they are hauling more. They feel they look like wusses using an ATV to pull a canoe.

They are right.

They looked much more manly playing with a chainsaw later in the day, but I don't have any photos of that. Ho hum.

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