Tuesday, 3 May 2011

120/365 A rock and roll monday evening

7pm - Check library books online, pants, one left and its due back tomorrow.
7:01pm Try and renew, someones requested it - Agh!
7:02 pm Initiate - get-this-book-read-in-one-night plan
10:15pm Finished - hoorah!

We've been reading the Unfortunate Event Series, by Lemony Snickett. Number 6, The Ersatz Elevator contained the usual mix of quirky vocabulary, sticky situations and inventing. They are probably seen as formulaic, but we love them.

So Monday evening, we cracked through it. Our ingredients for the perfect book-reading session:
* left over home-made apple pie,
* cookie-dough ice-cream
* Chris' fabulous scotch-flavoured fudgey sauce that we found in the back of the fridge and seems to be fine (must be the alcohol content!)
* Tara's fabulous cardamom and vanilla vodka, also in the back of the fridge and pretty darn potent but delicious
* At least one blanket per person (modelled here are the hammock blanket, and the dalek blanket)
* A patient dog.
* Suitable background music, we find that Late Junction via i-player usually provides us with the perfect selection.

Alternate chapters til you're done. Go to bed. Job done.

PS. I still have a couple of duck postcards to catch up on, you have not been forgotten. And I won't be running another round til I catch up!

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