Saturday, 14 May 2011

132/365 Suggestions for rainy day activities

Things to do on rainy Saturdays:

Start with breakfast, how about raspberries on muesli stirred up with natural yoghurt. For elevenses share some frangipane tarts from the local bakery with a hot cup of coffee.
Follow that with a goats cheese and salad sandwich for lunch, with some kettle chips on the side.
Peckish in the afternoon? More bread and cheese will help that, especially if served with some cranberry compote.
Pop some homemade maple syrup flapjacks in the oven for that early evening nibble. For dinner fry up some asparagus and sliced veggie-burger and serve with left over potato salad and some Dijon mustard......
Supper? Undecided yet but there is plenty of ice-cream in the freezer.

On rainy days its best to hunker down like a hobbit and try your best to squeeze in as many meals as you can. It is a well known fact that calories on the weekend don't count. And definitely not if its raining too.

Honest. Fact.

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