Friday, 13 May 2011

130/365 Royal tulips

I did not get up to watch the royal wedding. I think it was on around 5am here and I rarely relish getting up that early for any reason. To be fair I doubt I would have watched it had I been in England either. Don't get me wrong, I don't wish them any harm. But to be honest I find it difficult to get excited about any nuptials, so those of strangers come pretty far down the list. I'm not girlie, I don't care how she looked in her dress, and spotting the outfits sported by the Beckhams and the other 'celebrities' is not my cup of tea.

Strangely, I am entertained by spotting bizarre tributes to the knot-tying, be it the royal wedding sick bags, or this little wonder at the Tulip festival this week:

Truly marvellous don't you think?! Just consider yourselves lucky that I couldn't get the side with Princess Di holding a baby Will in the same shot.....

I'll leave you with some actual tulips to cleanse your palate:

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