Monday, 16 May 2011

133/365 Chinatown excursion

The rain held off on Sunday afternoon, so we hiked over to Chinatown for their 'remixed' festival. For the most part this consisted of art-work by locals, displayed in the stores along Somerset. You could wander into the supermarket and find photos of China Street scenes, or into the travel agents to view cartoon birds.

Or, into the laundrette to watch a man play his own compositions on the keyboard, with a microphone held up on a yellow pages, who bumped his head on the overhanging pipe whenever he got carried away. Which was quite often in the song about racism during the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

I'm not really selling that well, it was actually great.

We managed to catch the end of the Taiko drumming display (awesome, more on that in a couple of weeks), and then after wandering the town, settled in Raw Sugar Cafe for a pint and a game of draughts.

No clear winner, although the first game was called off after I pulled the classic 'Oh, look a man in a squirrel hat' distraction and swiped some of Paul's pieces while he turned to look.

After Pho at a local eatery (very tasty) we finished the evening at the IMOO improv gig. Cello, percussion and bassoon with electronic jiggery pokery. Brilliant.

So good I got distracted and knit the same row on my sweater twice. That's recommendation indeed!

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