Tuesday, 10 May 2011

127/365 Fancy dress

After much deliberation, we decided on the Civilisation museum for the 'last afternoon in Ottawa' activity. I do love this museum, and on a beautifully sunny Monday it was the perfect place to wander to and browse.

Not only are the contents of the museum fascinating (and great for practising your photography, head over to flickr for far too many totem pole shots), the building itself is a favourite of mine, and the light was particularly pleasing today.

But, my Monday photo(s) are not of carvings or sculptures, but rather of examples of what happens when two 'adults' get let loose in a children's museum without proper infant supervision - FANCY DRESS!

James wanted to be a tree:

(and sadly is too young to remember the advert that that statement conjures up in my head. Sadly all Prudential adverts seem to be on youtube except this one.....although I have had fun sniggering at 'we want to be together' whilst searching for it. Apologies to non-english readers, and those over 21 apparently!).

And I want to be an owl:

If you look closely you can even see that I'm mid hoot in this picture.

There may have been a moment whilst wearing the costumes when the lights cut out and the museum alarms started going off.

But we didn't squeal like naughty children.

Honest guv.

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