Sunday, 29 May 2011

147/365 Race weekend

We live pretty much on the race route for the Ottawa Marathon, which I forget. That is until the cheering stations start warming up at 7:30 and we get hits of the eighties blared round the neighbourhood during our lie in. Ho hum, if you can't beat them join them as they say (the cheerers that is, not the runners, don't be silly!).

Our dog walk this morning took us round from about the 17km mark to the 20km mark, and we saw some of the 'elite' runners heading back to the start, and the erm....not so elite runners pacing it out at the back. Most seemed in very good humour though, although they had only just reached halfway so not sure how much longer that would last.

I dabbled with the idea of running a marathon once. Got over it!

An afternoon playing Euchre in the park and dinner with friends made for a fabulous Sunday, helped by the sun making an appearance.

Anyway, my photo is not my favourite one of the day, that honour goes to one sent me by my daddy-o. My sister and 4 elephant hawk moths they caught in the back garden - makes me smile! As you can tell, the younger siblings are much more stylish than me, W manages to co-ordinate her nail polish, dressing gown and wildlife in this ensemble - my socks don't even match!

Sister number two arrives tomorrow - Canada you have been warned! ;)

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