Friday, 29 April 2011

118/365 I'm cultured don't you know.

And I don't mean in the same way as yoghurt.

Spent an erm....interesting, evening at the ballet last night. Its my second attempt, and whilst I found the first one dull (The Nutcracker), this one was bizarre. And that was bizarre beyond my expectations. I went to see Wonderland at the NAC, which was put on by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. I was quite prepared for weird, to be fare it would be difficult to base anything on the tales of Alice without some degree of weirdness, that's why I love it. But sadly this erred too far on the wacky. Interesting as I say.

We did get to paint plaster-cast buffaloes before hand though, all nights out are dramatically improved by surprise crafting.

Then today, off to a concert in the Rideau Chapel, in the heart of the National Gallery. Performing this time were Camerata Nova, a choir from Winnipeg with a mixture of early music and Native influenced tunes. Fabulous. Very atmospheric venue and beautiful beautiful voices.

And a (slightly disappointing) grilled cheese sandwich afterwards. Jobs a good'un.

A completely unrelated-to-post photo of a Magnolia warbler. No photography allowed in the gallery and the pther photos today are of knitted gifts which need to be kept under wraps.

Night all. x

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