Wednesday, 20 April 2011

108/365 Tuesday photo panic....

I had a bit of a paddy late on in the evening trying to decide what to take a photo of for today....Some days just aren't as interesting lets face it, so in a last ditch effort, I have for you (wait for it......) my freezer door:

Exciting isn't it?
Let me give you the guided tour.....

Here you see an array of magnets, mostly presents from family the first year we were here. I had a big selection of magnets on our fridge back in England, which we chose not to ship over (this may seem like a sensible decision but you should see some of the things we did decide we couldn't part with!). There are more on the fridge door below too but maybe they'll make for an emergency photo on another uninspired day. There are cheeky sayings (from mum and dad); Nightmare before Christmas ones (from a crafty swap); a couple from a local craft fair; mushrooms from a friend, some of the alphabet ones from my sister...

You can see a piccie of me with Mum and Dad at the beach in Wells next to the Sea, a week or so before we left and chips.... (Wendy, please note that the photo of you sticking your tongue out on your wedding day is on the side of the fridge, and be suitably grateful I haven't shared it here!).

Erm, a few flyers and coupons which will inevitably stay until way past their use-by-dates (rest assured that the laser hair removal one is not for use, there is discount fish and chips on the other side, sensing a theme?!)

A postcard of lovely Ipswich.

Shopping list from way back, which pretty much resembles the shopping list I should have at the moment.

Wow, rocked your world with that post didn't I? Apologies, you won't ever get those five minutes back. Go and have a cuppa and think about that!

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