Thursday, 28 April 2011

117/365 Welly envy

The weather has gone a tad crazy today. 110km wind gusts, mad bursts of torrential rain for a minute at a time, interspersed with bright blue skies. Managed to get out for a fabulous stomp in puddles with N this morning in between showers, and I now have welly envy:

Don't get me wrong, I adore my fruity wellies (although one has a hole in the heel which seems to be beating all efforts to repair it), but these little wonders have fins on the to source a pair in size 11!

(Yes, in Canada my clown sized feet are labelled as even bigger than they were back home, 11s I ask you. I put up with it though as the upside is that my bottom fits into a size 10 here - hoorah!)


  1. Would you like some of these...

  2. This years CHristmas pressie?! Yes please! But only if you'll have room for them, they'll cost a fortune in postage otherwise. Thankyou wonderful!

  3. I've sent you a mail with some options. If I have to wear them there then I'll bring some :)