Tuesday, 5 April 2011

94/365 Astonishing news!

On February the 18th we went out. Not shocking news in itself, it was a fab night, chocolate fondue was consumed along with two pints of cider (which for me is still one too many). On the way home I realised I'd lost my hat.

Its not a spectacular hat. In fact it may not be technically a hat, more of a fleecy tube. I bought it on our first adventure in Canada way way back in 2001.

And then I lost it.

We rewalked our route the next day. We popped into the pub to ask if it had been handed in, all to no avail.

Until today that is. Yes April 5th 2011 is THE DAY I FOUND MY HAT!

On the walk to work this morning, I glanced down at a scrap of red fabric placed on one of the salt bins. My hat, my lovely fleecy, ridiculously soggy hat. Which is now washed and drying and awaiting return to my beautiful bonce next winter. Hoorah!

And a completely unrelated photo:

The desk in the craft room - this photo is intended to shame me into having a tidy up tomorrow. Lets hope the after shot is more impressive.

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