Saturday, 23 April 2011

110/365 Catching up....thursday

Slipping behind so a mad catch up before we run off to a cottage for the long weekend. Exciting photo isn't it? Represents walking to work in the SNOW on Thursday morning. Not sure when I'm going to get used to this changeable weather, sandals and lying in hammocks one day, winter boots and mittens the next. At least I didn't have the morning the owner of the brolly had though.....

In other news, we watched the final episodes of Deadwood in the evening, and so now have to leave our Wild West friends behind. Calamity Jane may well be one of my favourite characters of all time.....and after three seasons I'd even got used to Lovejoy playing such a rude and villainous role....

what next? Dr. Who is back this weekend - hooray!

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